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The music instructors listed offer lessons at our store.  They offer competitive pricing starting at $120* per month which consists of (4) 30-minute private sessions of one-on-one instruction.  You may contact any of the instructors directly to discuss qualifications, scheduling and/or pricing.  All payments are to be made directly to the instructor.


*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Roberto Corrias

Roberto Corrias / 916-502-6680

Roberto holds a Bachelor’s degree in guitar from Italian Conservatory of Music and from CA. He has 40 years of teaching and performing with world renowned artists. He teaches Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, African, Salsa, Latin-Jazz, Blues, Rock and other styles in nylon & steel string.  All ages, any level.

Jim Spedden

Jim Spedden.jpg
Jim Spedden / 916-458-1067

Jim has 32 years experience teaching guitar, ukulele and bass.  His styles include blues, rock, jazz, classical, bluegrass, country & more.  He also teaches pick, finger-style and hybrid techniques.

Nick Swimley

Nick Swimley_edited.jpg

Nick Swimley / 916-812-6425

Nick teaches acoustic, electric and bass guitar.  He specializes in rock, blues, country, bluegrass and slide.  Nick teaches all ages and has over

ten years of teaching and performing experience.

Jeff Cassinelli

Jeff Cassinelli (2).jpg
Jeff Cassinelli / 916-622-2977

Jeff teaches beginning and intermediate acoustic & elec. guitar, beginning mandolin &  elec. bass, ukulele, lap steel, resonator, congas, various percussion; is great with kids but teaches all ages.  Jeff performed at   church, weddings, parties, recording studios and clubs for 40 years. 

John Sandoval

John Sandoval.jpg
John Sandoval  / 916-934-8214

John is an extraordinary ukulele talent who is well respected by our local ukulele community.  His light-hearted, up-beat manner of teaching makes learning stress-free and tons of fun.

Michael Sean Miller

MIchael Sean Miller.jpg
Michael Sean Miller / 916-337-8734

A guitarist of over 20 years, Michael teaches a wide variety of genres & styles. Michael keeps active doing concerts, weddings, & playing engagements.

Scott Graham

Scott Graham.png
Scott Graham / 916-220-4726

Scott teaches guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, Banjo, mandolin & voice.  He has taught for over 30 years both here and at his own studio.  He has studied classical guitar, done his own arrangements and played with several bands. You can find him on Facebook & Instagram.

Francesca Anderson

Francesca Anderson / 916-717-0098

Francesca Anderson holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in the flute performance . She has performed with many Bay Area groups including Monterey Symphony, Santa Cruz Symphony, and many more. 

Ms. Anderson has been a member of the Folsom Lake Symphony since 2009, serving as principal flutist since 2015.

Ms. Anderson helps prepare students for Certificate of Merit evaluations.

Eddie Honeyeater

Eddie Honeyeater / 916-955-1286 

As a music teacher (Bachelor of Music, CSU Fullerton) with over 30 yrs.' experience, Eddie teaches a curriculum customized to the individual in many musical styles (blues, rock, folk, jazz, classical, avant-garde) on guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, songwriting, composition, music theory, and improvisation.  He has the ability to transcribe, compose, and improvise music on demand. He is enthusiastic, reliable, and a good communicator.  He has students from 5 to 85! 

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